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Virgin Galactic shares pop as company plans to redo spaceflight test as early as Feb. 13

Virgin Galactic is preparing for its next spaceflight attempt, announcing on Monday it will redo its aborted December flight test as early as Feb. 13.

Silver jumps 11%, the most in 11 years as Reddit traders try their squeeze play with the metal

The sharp move higher reflected the biggest move for silver futures since at least 2013 and extended gains for silver and silver-related equities last week.

Social media stocks dip amid GameStop-Reddit frenzy. Why two top names could fall further

Facebook shares could fall another 14% if they breach one key level on the stock's chart, Piper Sandler senior technical research analyst Craig Johnson warns.

Volatility just had its biggest spike since June, and analyst says it's a warning investors should not ignore

The market's fear gauge closed Friday with its biggest weekly gain since June. Piper Sandler's Craig Johnson says it's a warning to investors.

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February 1, 2021


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