One Place, Multiple Alpha

We believe in transparency and hard work and that's why we have created the Fade The Book community. We're more than just a group of traders; we're a family.

We bring traders together to work through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way. Our members scan the markets 24/7 to look for the best opportunities. We then select the best entries and exits and we trade these together.

Our approach offers a real growth opportunity to all of our members.

The only trading environment owned by users.

Fully Responsive

Our support teams are fully responsive. So, your questions will be answered 24/7

Access Anywhere

You can access and manage your account anywhere and at any time

Multi Asset Trading

We accommodate and welcome traders specializing in various markets

Community Prizes

Fade The Book distributes regular prizes to members who add value

Algorithmic Traders

You can develop and launch your own algos directly in our trading platforms

Order Flow

Our users own their order flow. So, our interests are always aligned

Learn how to identify market imbalances

Order imbalance is a situation resulting from an excess of buy or sell orders for a specific security on a trading exchange, making it impossible to match the orders of buyers and sellers. Join our Live Stream sessions in order learn how to take advantage of these market imbalances.

Understand retail flow and trade against it

Retail order flow has value, a lot of value. Retail brokers know that 92% of retail trades are wrongly executed - either there's too much leveraged, bad stop loss location or bad direction. As a result, most retail brokers 'B-book' their clients and profit from massively from it. We cover retail flow everyday, and we position against it.

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