Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know Blueville Capital

What is Blueville Capital?

Blueville Capital is an online investment management firm. We help you manage your investment portfolio and recommend smart investment choices, so that you save time and gain peace of mind, knowing that your money is working for you. We’re a fiduciary, which means we put your interests first.

All of our portfolio strategies are globally diversified and built using the most liquid currencies available. We pick investments for you, making recommendations that prioritise your best interests. We also automatically take care of things like portfolio rebalancing, reinvesting dividends, and tax loss harvesting.

When you make a deposit, we invest all of your money automatically. That means there’s no extra step to turn your cash into investments, and your returns aren’t dragged down by holding extra cash.

What are Blueville Capital’s fees?  

We charge a 15% performance fee. This means that we only charge you if you make money on your portfolio.

We calculate your fee monthly so we can accurately account for deposits, withdrawals and market fluctuations that occur. We then total the fees from those monthly calculations each month, billing you the total performance fee on the monthly returns your portfolio produces. This means that if you withdraw your balance before the end of the month, you’re only charged the fee for the days your money was managed by Blueville Capital.

What does the fee get you? It covers the advice you receive, the transactions, trades, transfers, and rebalancing we manage for you, and all other account administration.

How does Blueville Capital compare to other investment management firms?

Like Blueville Capital, most investment management firms use technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. We do not stop there. When you have questions, licensed experts from our Support and Advice teams are ready over the phone, or to refer you to a one-on-one with a financial advisor.

In other words, Blueville Capital aims to help you answer, “How can I be a smarter, better investor across my finances?” while other investment management firms only answer “What should my portfolio look like?”

Blueville Capital’s services come with a minimum balance of just $1000 and straightforward performance based fee.

How is Blueville Capital regulated to keep investors’ money safe?  

Our Portfolio Managers are fully licensed investment professionals.

We do not work as a custodian bank. Therefore, all of our partners are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ASIC, Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP), Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and CySEC.

All information regarding our partners’ Licences and Authorizations numbers will be available to investors when they hire our services and whenever they request that information..

Getting Started

What investments does Blueville Capital offer?  

For each of your financial goals, we recommends a specific risk allocation of our recommended portfolio strategy. This portfolio strategy is designed to reflect the total world market to help maximize expected returns while minimizing risk.

We believe that markets are random but volatility is not. Therefore, we apply a systematic quantitative approach to a diversified portfolio of currencies in order to deliver superior returns.

All investment decisions are made using short term volatility analysis hedged with statistical analysis.

Portfolio exposure is constantly monitored in order to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns.

How do I invest my money in order to get Blueville Capital’s services?  

There are two primary ways to invest with Blueville Capital:

1) By transferring investments from an account at a different firm, and

2) By linking a bank account to make cash deposits.

To help prevent fraud, Blueville Capital customers can link only one bank account at a time for deposits. In addition, you can also make deposits using online payment providers such as Neteller and Bitpay.

What is the minimum amount to invest?

The minimum amount to invest is $1000.

How can I get help when I need it?  

We work hard to offer many insightful resources and help articles to let you access the help you need. We also have a knowledgeable Customer Support Team available seven days a week to help answer your questions about Blueville Capital and about your account. We offer support via phone, email, and mobile messaging. Sign up today to get started and contact us with your additional questions.  

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