Auction Market Theory

The market is accepted as a complex system and value is the primary variable for describing the market. In place of an overarching distribution function, the Auction Market Theory examines the many component parts of a market.

Each component describes an aspect of the market. The sum of the descriptors, collectively, describe the market as a whole. Thus, the goal of this theory is a clarification of the auction process, search and evaluation of the component parts of market. The utility of the theory is in its potential for explaining how the market works.

Futures markets are no different than any other market. All must move to survive. Auctions up and down to find limits of buyers and sellers. Rejection and acceptance identified by volume. Breaking extremes, looking for limits, builds value, breaks again, finds balance and returns to value. That's the natural rhythm of auction process.

In markets, the complexity precludes true forecasting. However, Auction Market Theory provides information reliable enough that market decisions can be based on the Auction Market data.

Written: Verniman

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April 29, 2019


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